Leonis Financial Services is a business operations outsourcing company dedicated to providing our clients with professional, personalized service either directly or through our Preferred Network of Providers to cover all of our client’s business needs.

  • Bookkeeping

    Bookkeeping Services

    • Accounts Payable
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Payroll Services
    • Cash Based and Accrual Based Accounting
    • Coordinate with Tax Preparer

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    Accounting Services

    • Prepare GAAP Financial Statements and coordinate independent audits
    • Prepare Budgets
    • Prepare Cash Forecasts
    • Internal Control Design

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    Business Services

    • Be the financial contact with banks
    • Local business license
    • Local Business Tax Returns
    • Sales, Use and VAT Tax Returns
    • Setup and manage company benefit programs
    • Access Preferred Network of Providers for vendor selection

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    Personal Finances

    • Ability to support multi-national clients
    • Prepare net worth statements
    • Personal Budget Preparation
    • Participation Statement Review
    • Coordinate Insurance Needs
    • Access Preferred Network of Providers to create and oversee estate plans and trusts
    • Aggregate required documentation for access to credit markets

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  • Why Choose Leonis For Your Film and TV Production Needs?

    • We assist in monetization of Production Tax Credits
      Leonis can access its Preferred Network of Providers to assist in maximizing production financing of projected tax credits as well as coordinate the monetization of the final tax credits.
    • We provide staffing for production accounting and post production accounting
      Leonis is continually expanding its Preferred Network of Providers as well as developing in-house staff.  We can draw upon our connections to staff multiple independent production accounting departments.
    • Collection Account Setup and Oversight
      Leonis has deep relationships with both Fintage House and Freeway.  We can assist with the setup and oversight of project collection accounts.
    • We prepare and submit IRS Form 8802 to obtain a Certification of U.S. Tax Residency forms 6166
      Film and TV distribution companies licensing exploitation rights outside of the United States will need form 6166 for certain non-US territories. Leonis is a seasoned preparer of the necessary forms and documents used to obtain these residency certificates.

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    Lack of an Employed Qualified Accountant

    Anyone can be an accountant…with training. The problem is not everyone performing accounting functions like accounts receivable and accounts payable functions has the proper training.  And, even if you have the proper training for one industry, it may not translate to another (think clothing retail versus the film industry).  While it may be self serving […]

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    Maintaining Proper Records

    Documentation, documentation, documentation!!  These are the three true golden rules of accounting.  Most accountants will recite the three golden rules of accounting as the debits and credits of Personal, Real and Nominal accounts.  Those are the essence of how to mechanically account.  But as any good accountant knows, if you don’t document the purpose of […]

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    Cash is King

    How does your business manage cash? Do you just look at your bank balance and hope there is enough cashfor payroll or the next check run?  I hope not!!  I prefer to update a rolling cash forecast on at least a weekly basis.  Also, I believe it is critical to a small business to reconcile […]