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Accounts Payable
Leonis will enter invoices, print or release payment instructions, and prepare and send forms 1099s.

Accounts Receivable
Leonis will review contract terms for fees and reimbursements, prepare and send invoices, track and collect aging receivables

Payroll Services
Leonis will setup and run the employee payroll. This will include preparing and filing quarterly state and federal returns, properly classify employees and contractors, prepare and distribute form W-2. Upon request, Leonis can and will track additional information such medical insurance premiums, retirement plan deferrals, and time off accruals and usage.

Cash Based and Accrual Based Accounting
Leonis will prepare either cash based or accrual based financial records as required by the client.

Coordinate with Tax Preparer
Leonis will maintain and organize tax records used in the preparation of your business and personal tax returns. Leonis will coordinate with the tax preparer to make sure all available deductions and credits are properly applied and will review completed tax returns prior to filing with the appropriate tax jurisdiction.